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We are going into our 5th growing season here in Sudbury, Vermont! We started farming as a family in Northern Arizona in 2010. Seeking a more secure source of water we packed up our old truck and ventured to the Northeast. 
For several years we worked on commercial farms in Massachusetts and Vermont and gained skills milking cows, growing vegetables and working with draft horses. Then as fortune would have it we connected with a wonderful couple interested in having us lease their multigenerational family farm land and use their horses to grow our flower and vegetable farm business.   

We believe in the power of flowers to spread a message of love. Flowers have always held a special place in the lives of humans.  They mark the seasons, decorate special occasions, express feelings, and tell stories.  We grow flowers with texture, scent, unique colors and form. We love farming and are grateful for the opportunity to offer flowers that spark old memories and create new ones.