2020 Job Opportunities

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We are currently looking for 1 to 2 passionate, hard working individuals excited about farming to join us for our 2020 growing season!

This is a fully immersive flower farming experience from April-October where the everyday work is diverse, ranging from greenhouse production, field crop planting, bucket/tray washing, weeding, lots and lots of harvesting, to flower arranging, attending markets, doing deliveries and setting up weddings. The work is often physically hard and the days are long and rewarding.

We pay a monthly stipend, provide a rustic cabin and food from the farm and offer everything we know about the business of farming flowers, selling wholesale, floral design, using draft horses and everything else in between.

For more information go to the contact page and email us a letter of interest and resume and we will get back to you asap. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to connecting.